The ultimate insult to the podcast race is to give money to somebody else's podcast.
Rumor has it that an eccentric millionaire has built an exact working replica of the pirates of the caribbean ride from Disneyland. There's no Jonny Depp or progressive shit in it. All the old rapey bits are left in. Basically the way it was in the 60's complete with a built in restaurant. It's invite only of course. If Disney ever found out about it, they'd parachute their lawyers in, so it's all kept hush.



What should we do for a biggest problem bonus episode tonight?

More work went into this selfie than Chrissy Teigen’s “miscarriage” series.

How many Ralphamales out of 10 does this rascal get? 0 points for punctuation.

Why aren’t more people upset that woodshop exists?

People on the fediverse when you don’t use slurs in every post:

"YOU HAD IT COMING" Lol, wtf are you weirdos talking about? 0/10 Ralphamales.

Uh, Gallagher was a very famous and successful comedian thank you.

Crying about being blocked and also having elaborate psychological theories about being blocked and blocking that need a hug box to validate is how manly?

Some of you guys are SO mad. This shit is embarrassing. I give it 0/10 Ralphamales.

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